Personal information

1954-1964: I worked for a professional photographer (Wim van Dijk), where I learned the art.
1961-1968: Study at the University (V.U. Amsterdam): Human Geography and Art History.

During my studies I discovered the landscape. What it makes especially interesting is the interaction between natural processes and human activity. Both the Dutch “polder”landscapes and the mountainous regions in Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily) give evidence of man’s awareness of his being part of nature. This is how ecosystems develop, where everything finds its own slot. Not man is the measure of all things. The result of his activities is the one thing visible. The tension in the photos is a refelexion of the unstable balance in nature, which leads to changes which are counterbalanced by the ecosystem. The comparison of different landscapes brings home the unique character of each landscape.

There is no essential distinction between landscape photography and other types of photography. Man himself is a landscape, subject to every change in time and moment of balance.

Many photos are made for the world of theater and music. Publications:
The Dutch Photo Magazines Focus and Foto
The International Magazine Zoom.


Gallery Cisart, Alkmaar, 1984.

Castle Zeist, Zeist, 1985.

Centre for Education De Baak, Noordwijk, 1985.

Centre for Training ING, Arnhem, 1986.

Concertgebouw Haarlem, 1990.

Architecture Centre, ABC, Haarlem, 1998 en in 2006

Gallery Petra Spuijbroek, Haarlem, Participant in a Group Exposition, 30 sept. -12 november 2006

ITAF (Art Fair), Amsterdam: 19-22 April 2007.

Gallery De Opsteker, Amsterdam, 03 – 25 Augustus 2007.

Imágenes y Palabras, Consulado del Mar, Burgos (Spanje): 24 April – 07 May 2008.

St Engelmunduskerk in Velsen ( together with the artist for jewels, Jorgen Rasmussens): 15 – 22 November 2008.

The Netherlands of the the Evening for Photographers. 43 photographers show photos of the Dutch Landscape or the Netherlands in the Past. Exposition: 20 Januay – 22 Februari 2009 in de ABC Treehouse.

Gallery Eduarte, Amsterdam: 27 Juni – 18 Juli 2009.

Escuela de Fotografía, Madrid: 27 November – 18 December 2009.

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Madrid: 16 February – 16 March 2010.

Close to the skin. That’s the theme for the exposition. More than 40 photographers from Amsterdam are exposing their work on the School for Photography in Amsterdam, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10. Exposition: 12 November – 10 December 2010.

From April until June 2012: an exposition in the University of Apllied Sciences in Amsterdam.

Exposition in galerie W1F , Amsterdam, from 11 September until 3 Oktober 2011. The photo on the poster has won a prize in the museum of the commune in Helmond (Netherlands) on 26 July 2011, where a competition was organised, with the aim to send a photo in which, what style, most closely matches that of Werner Bischoff, a famous Swiss photographer from the 1950s.

Exposition in WSP Photography, Rom: 4-24 May 2013

Many photos are made for the world of theater and music. Publications:
The Dutch Photo Magazines Focus and Foto
The International Magazine Zoom.

Different books are published.

At first is in 2009 a book published with the title “Italian landscapes”, with pictures about le Crete (Toscane), Piano Grande (Umbria), Gran Sasso and Sicily . You can see and buy this book on: Blurb

In 2013 is “Imagini Duplicate” published. More information on Blurb

“The Piano Grande, before and after the eartquakes of 2016” is published in 2018. You can see more information about this book on Blurb 

Technical information

The original photos are printed with exclusive pigmentink Epson Ultrachrome K3.

My favorite camera for landscapes is the Pentax 67 .,unique for the 6*7 format and the easy handling. Also is for me the Pentax K1 an interesting camera.Especially the “pixel shift system” gives many new possibilities in photographing landscapes. I use this camera also for taking theatrefotos.  The Leica M9 is the camera for street- and travelphotography. The clear finder and the fantastic glasses are for me the most important property. For streetphotography I also use the Fuji X100T